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Advertising is about finding the right audience and then delivering your compelling message to them. That’s what we do. We are not married to one media or platform. We’re hooked on the idea of getting your message in front of your market most efficiently, which could be anything from billboards to broadcast or in-store to web and direct mail or email.


Client Feedback

Don't take our word for it, listen to our clients!

"We take credit for our irresistible, homemade Italian food. But the folks at Hooker and Company deserve the credit when it comes to creating the voice and personality of the joint. They've always known where they want to take us, and they've never steered us wrong."

Trish Appleby - Donatellis

"Hooker and Company took us through a branding process that was thorough, revealing and efficient. It was the springboard that allowed us to move quickly through web, advertising and collateral needs. Along the way they proved to be effective communicators, very responsive and flexible to changing needs and priorities."

Mitch Loewen - TBG

"We turned to Hooker and Company to help promote our in-store events and ultimately rejuvenate our brand identity. Through direct mail, in-store signage, and a complete restructuring of our website and identity materials, they've helped drive sales and give our brand a much needed facelift."

Mark Moeller - Moeller Jewelers

"We're privileged to have had Hooker and Company as our marketing partner for years. Their ability to think on the fly and meet tight, often last-minute deadlines is invaluable. Most importantly they focus on the big picture and continually help deliver measurable results."

Kowalski’s Markets

"We've worked with Hooker and Company. on several multi-layered projects. They have the uncanny ability to simplify the complex, and communicate clearly to our customers. We enjoy working with such an easy-going, competent group of professionals."

John Wicks - Emmerson Process Management

"The sign is GREAT!!!... I want to acknowledge how very creative it is - perfect for the musical venue we are supporting! I know it ‘ain’t easy’ to come up with stuff, so, just taking a little more time to say I really appreciate the work you all do - as well as how easy you all are to work with. KUDOS TO THE TEAM!!!"

Dale Riley - Jerrys Foods