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Welcome to Hooker and Company, a fast-paced, unique full-service advertising and marketing agency in St. Paul, Minnesota! We’re glad you’re here. Sorry, if you’re looking for actual hookers – we can’t help you there. But we can help you with all your advertising needs.

We’re a group of seasoned advertising strategists, digital experts, writers, graphic artists, web designers, and coders. We’re a tight team of creative problem solvers doing what we love to do – delivering engaging and creative marketing solutions that are driving sales for our clients.

We’ll come alongside you or your marketing team to help your company grow and win more business with unique branding, social media, digital, print direct mail, and broadcast. It’s what we do best: getting our clients a totally unfair market advantage.

How do we do this magic? Well, how do you tame a unicorn? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing your brand. But what we do is listen. We get to know your business and what makes you unique. Then we build strategies that set you a part from your competitors nad ramp up sales.

We’d love to take your business to the next level. Bottom line, nobody delivers for clients as effectively, efficiently, and affordably as Hooker & Co.

Our Process

If solving your marketing problem was as easy as following some universal process, you wouldn’t need our help. However, what is easy is working with us. In short, we get it. We understand your problems, concerns and needs. When you look across the table, you see confidence, not blank stares.


Step one to success. We dig in deep with you and your business until we’ve established a comprehensive profile which we’ll use to build your brand.


Where research pays off. We use our findings to create effective messaging and execution opportunities that differentiate you from anyone else in your market.


Your brand comes to life as we roll-out captivating and memorable campaigns that pop in print, and excite with digital and other leading marketing media.

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