Front End WordPress Developer

Hooker & Company is a small and nimble ad agency that pounds out top notch creative work for diverse group of clients. As an employee, you will enjoy free gourmet coffee, a delectable selection of candy, chilled spring water and a jovial greeting when you walk in the door each morning. In return, all we ask is that you stay shackled to your desk and work harder and smarter than you may be used to (the whole shackles thing is negotiable).

We are currently looking for an experienced front-end web developer who has past experience building custom WordPress websites. Since we’re a small business, it is imperative that you understand the need to wear many hats while you’re here. Although we are primarily seeking a person to assist with web duties, additional responsibilities will be part of your daily routine.


  • Web Design/Developer degree or certification. BA preferred but not required.
  • 3-4 years of industry experience with a strong online portfolio
  • Mac Environment
  • Content Management System: WordPress and some Joomla
  • Proven knowledge of markup and style sheet languages (HTML & CSS) Must be proficient in hand coding without dependence on a visual code editor
  • Design: Adobe Creative Suite


  • Strong understanding of WordPress
  • Strong experience hand-coding clean, compliant, and semantic HTML
  • Extensive knowledge of CSS, web standards, and web technologies
  • Strong understanding of website layout and usability
  • Strong understanding of advertising and motivation
  • Strong understanding of cross-browser compatibility, IE rendering issues, and non-hacked fixes
  • Creating and editing images and graphics for website use
  • Making routine changes to websites per client feed back
  • Respond to routine and non-routine questions regarding graphics and web construction
  • Maintaining existing websites and providing tech support for clients with existing websites


  • Marketing and or Advertising Agency experience preferred
  • Familiarity with open source software
  • Familiarity with SEO
  • Familiarity with social media
  • Familiarity with .Net environment
  • Familiarity with Server-side language: PHP
  • Familiarity with Database: mySQL
  • Familiarity with Bootstrap framework



  • Design website layouts (visual mock, sitemaps, wireframes)
  • Develop client websites using WordPress and some Joomla
  • Test, retest and test sites and launch websites
  • Maintain proper functionality of client websites (cross browser and mobile compatibility)
  • Handle updates to client websites
  • Project manage website jobs and adhere to designated budget
  • Ongoing database management for specific client web programs
  • Train clients on backend management of Word Press and some Joomla CMS
  • Coordinate programming with outside vendors when needed
  • Perform updates to client sites (components, plugins, modules, extensions, etc.)
  • Run email marketing campaigns through Mail Chimp
  • Maintain PCI Compliance via SSL Certificates
  • Perform regular backups of client website files/databases


  • Hosting/Domains
  • Maintain hosting performance (disk space, bandwidth, etc.)
  • Coordinate domain renewals where applicable
  • Manage IPs (updates, client vs. internal, coordination, etc.)

IT Support:

  • Configure, create, maintain email (internal and client)
  • Maintain proper software program functionality (Adobe, Microsoft Office, etc.)
  • Maintain proper hardware functionality (make sure all computers running properly)
  • Combat spamming for both internal and client sites/email

Please submit resumés via email to Sue. No remote applicants please.