Marketing Your Business During Uncertain Times

Through thoughtful planning, you can keep your business top of mind during difficult times and be poised to hit the ground running when things return to normal.

Here are a handful of ideas businesses can (and should) consider to help stay top of mind during these uncertain times…

Get the word out!

It is important to update your company’s channels and really lean on them during this time. Your platforms are a huge asset in letting your customers know if you are open for business, how business may have changed to accommodate them, and what you are doing to keep your customers and employees safe.

Social Platforms

• Post regularly and keep it positive! There is enough out there about COVID-19 itself, so keep the content of your social posts informative but also uplifting.

• Participate in the conversation and answer questionss your followers may have.

• Don’t be afraid to pay even as little as $5-$10 to amplify posts targeting people who like your page.

We got some great results from one of our clients' Google adwords and paid Facebook campaigns.


Post your official response to COVID-19 on your website and keep it updated as things change.


Email your current customers and provide updates as things change.


Update your Google My Business profile with new hours, updated menu (if applicable), and any changes to your business due to COVID-19.

Elevate your brand’s message.

Especially now, people are looking for positivity and comfort in their lives.

Let your brand be that voice. Remind customers that you are there for them, that you are accommodating them, that you are thankful for their business, and that we will make it through this together.

Also, make sure to think beyond the standard messaging and…

• Practice positivity in your messages, in how you treat your customers, and in your overall outlook for the future.

• If your business is doing well, reach out to support other local businesses.

• Remind people that we are in this together and thank them for their support.

Thoughtful steps to answer opportunity’s call:

Opportunity often comes at inopportune times. Now is a great time to…

• Revisit some marketing plans that may have been on the back burner. Are there initiatives you’ve put on hold due to lack of time?

• Work on these efforts so you can come out of this stronger and more organized.

• Implement some new marketing strategies so you can build your pipeline and be ready for increased business when we get through this.

Honesty and authenticity are everything, especially now.

Let your followers and customers know how you’re helping others, and how they can help you.

Honesty and authenticity are everything, especially now.

Let your followers and customers know how you’re helping others, and how they can help you.

Here are some resources you can access to help your small business navigate these uncertain times…

• There are grants available through the US Small Business Administration if you’ve experienced a significant hit to your business as a result of COVID-19.

• Visit the Facebook page ‘Small Business Grants and Resources Initiative’ and see if you qualify for assistance.

• Check with your local chamber of commerce for local resources.

Be Positive. Be Safe. Be Smart. We will get through this together.

If you have questions or need help with your strategy, Reach a Hooker

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