Chanhassen Dinner Theatre – Website is now user friendly, intuitive to navigate, works seamlessly with ticketing and is (we don’t mind saying) easy on the eyes.

What We Did Here

We recently updated the website for Chanhassen Dinner Theater. The new website is mobile compatible, has far more customizable capabilities and is user friendly, dynamic, scalable and, we don’t mind saying, easy on the eyes. Check out our blog on why your website might be overdue for a refresh or rebuild, and how we can make the process quick, easy and painless.

  • Website design/coding
  • Transformed ticketing interface
  • Copywriting for pages
  • Logo refresh  
  • New website launch

Why We Did It

We built Chanhassen’s new website for user experience and ease of operation. The end result is now user friendly, intuitive to navigate, works seamlessly with ticketing, reservations. Built on a platform that is dynamic and scalable, Chanhassen can easily grow and add to their site, without damaging performance or user experience.

Your website is where the majority of your business’ conversions occur. Anything that slows that process, confuses the call to action, or otherwise slows conversions could be hurting your business. If you want a website that is strategically aligned with your business and running at peak performance, give us a call. Let’s work together.

About Chanhassen Dinner Theatres

Chanhassen Dinner Theatres (CDT) came to be in 1968. It was the vision of founders Herb and Carol Bloomberg to bring a “little bit of Broadway to the Midwest.” They loved traveling to New York to enjoy great Broadway productions and felt audiences deserved a quality musical theatre experience here in the Twin Cities. They acquired land in Chanhassen, Minnesota, a tiny rural community with a population of less than 500 people. The 90,000 square foot dinner theatre was built on what was then cornfields and countryside.




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