About Taphus

Over 300 years ago, deep in the Caribbean there was a little hideaway tucked in a protected, deep water bay on the south side of St. Thomas. This little haven was known far and wide among the seafaring lot as a place weary travelers could find hospitality without question and fresh handcrafted spirits and ales without limit. The place was Taphus. Which translated to tap house or beer hall depending on the drunkenness of the particular Dane you questioned. It was home to pirates and merchants, captains and sailors. Loud and raucous, it was the place where all manner of adventurers crossed paths to tell tales of the sea and her great bounty.

Of course all good things come to an end, and Taphus met its, when some panty waist Danish nobleman thought the town would make a splendid gift for his puritan little bride. However, giving such a refined woman a gift that basically meant “beer hall” would never pass muster among the Danish elite… so with a flick of his feather pen Taphus became Charlotte Amalie, named after little miss you know who.

As is often the case in history, what was once considered sordid, can become common — even revered. For the spirit of adventure never died throughout the Caribbean and an “X” still marks the spot where travelers converge to connect and be known by fellow adventurers far and wide. That “X” is once again Taphus. An out of the way little tap house tucked in the back of a Mainstreet mercantile. It’s a little hard to find, but once you do, you’ll discover it well worth the effort and you won’t be soon to leave.




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