Owning the click

This past weekend I helped a man in his late 80s set up a new printer. He travels the Midwest to read books at public libraries. His navigation tool is Mapquest directions – printed on a piece of paper.

It made me appreciate the smart phone. I thought hard about the last time my phone wasn’t part of my decision making process in terms of what I want to know, what to do, what to buy, and where to go. For anything I don’t have an answer, there’s Google search.

This very space and moment of search is where businesses want to be. Yet that’s not enough. They also need to own the click-through by serving relevant content and experiences which ultimately influence consumers to take action.

Great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website helps a business show up in this moment of search. To own the click, a business needs that extra push from having excellent reputation, strong social influence, and effective paid search campaigns. The consumers want things right, and they want them right away.

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