Need a Hook for the Minnesota State Fair?

Did you get to the Minnesota State Fair this year?

The Hooker and Company staff are still spinning from our various trips to The Great Minnesota Get-Together.

Did you know, many of the businesses and vendors at the fair make the majority of their entire year’s income at the State Fair? Here are some numbers that are sure to surprise:

  • This year, attendance records were set with 2,126,551 visitors!
  • There are roughly 300 food vendors dishing up nearly 500 different foods, each one crazier than the next (deep fried Twinkie anyone?).
  • Fair favorite, Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar can produce 3 million cookies in one day and in 2018 was the top-grossing food vendor at the State Fair with over $4.73 million in sales.
  • The Corn Roast booth produces an average of 25,000 ears of corn each day!
  • Gross sales for food at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair was $41,966,986, a 6.4 percent increase from 2017.
  • The Mouth Trap Cheese Curds sold just over $1.3 million of our favorite Midwest delicacy.
  • The All-You-Can-Drink Milk stand from the Midwest Dairy Association made just over $1 million.

The Minnesota State Fair is a great marketplace to demonstrate how hard it can be for a business to stand out in the crowd. Since many attendees are lured to vendors and attractions with the right (or the loudest) message, businesses must think harder and more creatively than simply opening a stand and expecting people to form an orderly line.

Notice this excellent message from FVP motor parts and their sponsorship of the Go Karts track at the Minnesota State Fair.

That is why you need the right marketing edge, to find that special something about your business and help you amplify that message to make your business the next Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar.

Our speciality is elevating your business by developing your brand, helping you tell your story and expertly broadcasting that message to audiences far and wide. Whether you need that special something to help you stand out in the Minnesota State Fair, or the worldwide marketplace, Hooker and Company is the team who can get you to the next level—so you can focus your attention on the things you love, like perfecting nachos on a stick. (Just a suggestion.)

Author: Nate Barber

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