Direct Response Marketing is Alive and Well

How a small budget could be a market advantage

Top benefits of Direct Response Marketing

The world is saturated in big brand marketing. Some companies have huge marketing budgets (anywhere from 28% to 49% of their overall company budget!) and can afford to spread their image everywhere. But for those of us with realistic budgets, there is a more competitive advantage. Direct Response Marketing is all about cutting through the noise, to get immediate responses with personalized messages.

More than mailers

We imagine traditional Direct Response campaigns as mailers, perhaps because they are so successful. Physical mailers are considered 82% more trustworthy than spammy emails and find far less competition in mailboxes than in inboxes.

But Direct Response can yield incredible results in digital platforms as well. Really, anywhere a value statement can be succinctly combined with a clear call to action for a specific audience, DRMs can not only compete, they can thrive.

Because Direct Response campaigns are so targeted, they are:

  • Affordable

  • Trackable

  • Measurable

  • Profitable

  • Fun

Cut the junk: discovering (and exciting) the right prospect

With the effective tools of Direct Response, you can identify your target market based on demographics and buying behavior. This gives you the power to put the right message in front of the right person, at just the right time, eliminating wasted time and resources on more broad, traditional campaigns.

Since the focus of Direct Response is to clearly identify and solve a specific problem for a prospect, you can craft relevant, fun messages that speak to their specific interests and needs. Because it often takes more than just one visual to make a conversion, your campaign can show up regularly with multiple impressions in a way that is both authentic and meaningful.

More than just a hunch, Direct Response provides trackable and measurable results

With DRM, your company has unrivaled, virtually instant access to campaign results. Monitoring traffic from specific coupon codes, unique URLs and dedicated toll free numbers provides quantitative data the moment your ad begins.

Gleaning clear insights to the success of a campaign can be a refreshing change from the headache-inducing task of interpreting vanity metrics—an increase in Twitter followers, “likes,” or list sign-ups—to gauge the success of a campaign. When you can view immediate, hard numbers, you are able to make real decisions based on fact rather than assumption.

Direct Response Marketing: your company’s affordable advantage

Hearing the term “Direct Response Marketing” can inspire raised eyebrows from some CEOs and maybe even sound alarms in a marketing department. Automatically, we think of website popups. We think of junk mail and recoil at the prospect of filling mailboxes with frustrating throwaways.

So it is our pleasure to dispel these myths about Direct Response campaigns and refresh why this highly effective tool may be the smartest buy to maximize your company’s return on investment.

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